Friday, October 17, 2014

A Fun Aspen Activity that’s not Actually in Aspen

Aspen certainly offers an abundance of fun things to do, winter, summer and in between, but sometimes one just has to “get out of Dodge” for an evening of fun, especially when you can’t really find anything like it Aspen (anymore). There are a lot of great fun/entertainment opportunities nearby in the greater Roaring Fork Valley as well.

Activities near Aspen, Co - Glenwood Vaudeville Theater Review
Glenwood Vaudeville Theater (Photo Credit: Rich Pearce)
Many in town remember the Crystal Palace, the zany, often irreverent dinner theater that had Aspen audiences rolling in the aisles for some 51 years. We certainly had our share of great times there. Sadly, it’s no longer in existence, but we discovered a great replacement in Glenwood Springs, the Glenwood Vaudeville Theater.