Monday, May 28, 2012


I took the opportunity over the Memorial Day weekend to capture some images of the beautiful flowers in our yard.

From the peonies to the irises to the lilacs, the show was spectacular!

Assorted Aspen Irises

Assorted Aspen Lilacs

Assorted Aspen Peonies and Irises

Assorted Aspen Peonies

More Assorted Aspen Irises

More Assorted Aspen Peonies and Irises
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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Spring sprung early this year in Aspen, Colorado and so did my gardening itch.
Since spring arrived here a bit earlier than usual this year, my thoughts (and muscles) were drawn to gardening in early May and I got started early – maybe too early with the planting.

As in the past few years, I am involved in two gardens, my mom’s and my girlfriend, Jo’s (located at the Aspen Community Garden). The Aspen Garden Chronicles sub-theme of this blog will track our progress, trials, tribulations and successes as we plow our way through (pun intended) through the process. 

While Jo's garden appears to be on schedule, we may have planted my mom's garden too early. Even though the daytime temperatures have been higher than they usually are in May, the mornings are still very cool, and only a few plants have sprouted -- grudgingly at that. 

Here’s a photographic journal of what we have accomplished to date: 

5/6/2012 – Jo’s Plot at the Aspen Community Garden
After a lot of grunt work (dig, dig , sift, sift, repeat) - we’re getting there! 

Aspen Garden Chronicles - Jo's Aspen Community Garden Plot from the Front 5_6_12
Trying to figure out how to maneuver the wheelbarrows had become a little bit like working a jigsaw puzzle. 

5/13/2012 – 5/15/2012 - Jo’s Aspen Community Garden
The Garden’s finally being laid out 

Aspen Garden Chronicles - Jo's Aspen Community Garden Plot 5_15_12
Finally have the layout completed

Aspen Garden Chronicles - Jo's After Planting

Pea fence in place and Reemay spread over recent plantings to help keep them warm enough for the next few days.

Mom’s Garden – 5_12_12
We may have planted too early? 

 Aspen Garden Chronicles - Mom's - Before Planting – 5_12_12 

 Aspen Garden Chronicles - Mom's 5_12_12 – Planting 

As of today, my mom's garden is showing a little more growth, but we are planning to re-plant the lettuce and spinach on Monday -- maybe then it will truly be garden time in Aspen.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Every Blog Has To Have A First Post!

Here are some Aspen daffodils and lilacs in our back yard.