Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aspen Events – 2012 USA Pro Challenge Bicycle Race in Action

Ok, so I got more than just “helmet shots” at the first Aspen stage of the 2012 USA Pro Challenge Bicycle Race. I also got over my resentment of having my optimum viewing location blocked by the VIP tents.

Even though I still couldn’t see the much-anticipated Aspen events right from in front of my house, only one-half block away from the finish line, I had only to move less than one-half block up the course to find just a little room to get a few decent shots of the events – in particular the women’s Aspen Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge  race. I did manage to get a couple of decent photos of the men sprinting to the finish line.

I mistimed my attempt to photograph the actual winner, Tom Danielson of the Garmin-Sharp team, or any of the lead group of the men’s USA Pro Challenge race (they were amazingly quick!); but after the crowd thinned a little, I did get a couple of shots of the “stragglers”.  Actually, they weren’t really straggling much – just enough for the spectators who got to the good spots early to have moved on to the award podium area.

Earlier, during the women’s Aspen Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge, I found more room to settle in for some good picture taking opportunities and I was actually quite close to the action.

The next of the Aspen events, Stage 4 – Aspen to Beaver Creek  begins soon – I am readying my camera and plotting my positioning tactics even as I write.

While many other spectators I have been talking to are planning to follow the race as it moves to Colorado’s eastern slope, I will be satisfied with having had a great viewing, photo taking, and blog posting experience of what has become one of the premier annual Aspen events.
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