Monday, April 22, 2013

Things to do in Aspen – It’s the Off-Season, Now What?

Off-Season Getaway from Aspen
Off-Season Getaway - Dualakoo (Photo credit: richpalpine)
Now that off-season has arrived, some of us are looking for interesting things to do in Aspen, Colorado this time of year.

Many fill the void created by the end of skiing, snowboarding and other winter-oriented activities by leaving town to go on their own vacations. Those who can afford it, time-wise and budget-wise, often go on fanciful vacations to warm-weather locations like various places in Mexico, or even closer to home, like Moab, Utah. Others take the opportunity to go back “home” to visit family.

For me, however, it’s “birthday season” – time to head to Palisade, Colorado to visit my kids and grandkids – Abraham in March, Thomas in April and Sidd in May! It also gives me the opportunity to see my stepson’s band, Dualakoo, play once again in that Grand Junction center of the music universe, Cruisers Bar on Horizon Drive.

This year, Dualakoo was not only tighter musically than last year, but they had broadened their repertoire to include even more mainstream music than the last time, and the crowd responded. We even got to practice some of our swing dancing moves we have been working on since last year to songs like “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones.

Aspen connection - Dualakoo Plays Cruisers in Grand Junction
Off-Season Getaway (Photo credit: richpalpine)

 Back in Town for the off-season

Back home and still on the music front (although it did not involve “live” music), we were able to enjoy the latest Community Social Dance last weekend. Of course one can partake of this activity during the seasons as well, but there always seems to be a more relaxed, festive atmosphere at these events when everybody’s able to let their hair down and relax during the off seasons.

The next dance event will be May 18th – West Coast Swing and Night Club Two Step lessons followed by open dancing.

Aspen Community Social Dance
 Colorado Activities - Community Social Dance (Photo credit: richpalpine)

Aspen Colorado Activies - Dancing
 Community Social Dance - Off-season  (Photo credit: richpalpine)

There are of course many other things to do in Aspen, Colorado during the off-season, like getting the bicycles, hiking gear and gardens ready for the summer. Here are a few more:

Community Calendar of Events

Summer Calendar of Events -2013/

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